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About Our Coffee

Devoción is the finest and freshest coffee, pure and simple. Their coffee beans are sourced from farms hand-selected from within the vast untamed regions of our nation. Deep in Colombia’s most inaccessible zones, they develop long-term relationships with coffee growers, paying fair-trade prices and above, while establishing social and environmental programs to help secure their future. Devoción brings progress and pride to growers in regions that have suffered during Colombia’s long-lasting internal conflict. All the beans are dry milled in Bogota, and rapidly shipped to the USA via FedEx for roasting. This means we can guarantee newly roasted, ultra-fresh coffee, so that the cup you hold in your hands still breathes the mists of the Colombian campo.


Devoción was launched in 2006 with a mission to change the way Colombian coffee is drunk around the world and an emphasis on the freshest coffee possible.